A Not So Proper English Trifle

Not So Proper English Trifle
Tis the season to indulge! Sugar, big dinners and drinks! While they are all well and good the feelings afterwards is not. This breakfast/dessert bowl is part of my attempt to not over-indulge this season. I will allow myself some treats (like this one) but it is full of the Triple F’s (healthy fibre, fats, and fruit)! It reminds me of the proper English Trifle that my Grandmother likes to make for Christmas dinner; layers of Grand Marnier laced whipped cream, sponge cake, mandarin oranges, custard, raspberries and chocolate shavings. I used to look forward to it as a kid and delight in shoving my face full of it. That was before I learned of my allergies and long before I cared what I put in my body.

This recipe calls for coconut cream which is the fat of coconut milk. What I like to do is keep a tin of coconut milk in my refrigerator at all times. The fat solidifies on the top and I can easily scoop it out and use it in recipes like this and then I can use the milk for coffee or tea. It is extremely versatile and you can add basically any flavouring to it-try cocoa powder it’s the bomb!

This is seriously the easiest thing to make and it feels silly to post a recipe but it is available after the jump!

One Large Breakfast (or Dessert) Trifle

4 Tablespoons Chia Seeds

3 Tablespoons Water or Dark Chocolate Almond Milk

1 Clementine, peeled and separated

1/4 C Pomegranate seeds

1/2 Blackberries

1/4 C Coconut Fat

A few mint leaves


1. Mix together the chia seeds and water (or almond milk) in a tall glass or small mason jar and let sit for three minutes

2. Layer the clementine pieces, blackberries and pomegranate

3. Top with coconut cream and mint

4. Chill for an hour and serve


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