Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas!!!

It’s really, really early in the morning in Toronto…or very late at night depending on how you look at it…and I cannot sleep! I feel like an eight year old waiting for my parents to wake up so that I can tear in to my presents! However, I won’t be going to my Mum’s until brunch tomorrow so presents will have to wait until tomorrow afternoon. Sigh. My insomnia could also be attributed to the fact that I am starving and because I am going away for a few days I did not buy any groceries…I have settled for pickles and water…tasty!

I spent the majority of the afternoon on Christmas Eve wrapping presents. I love wrapping gifts and each year I try to do something different. This year I did a monogrammed theme-it was tedious and annoying and therefore I probably will not be doing it again but I do like the end result. These are what a few of them look like.



Thankfully I come from a family that shares my love for food and cooking so I was able to spread the love a bit with a few homemade items as well. I made a trio of sea salts for finishing dishes-shiitake mushroom, meyer lemon and roasted garlic. As well as a hot sauce made from ghost peppers. We love anything ridiculously spicy in my family so I am sure that these will go over well!

garlic salt2

hot sauce


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