The Trim+Tone Arm Circuit

If I had to choose one part of my body that I am self-conscious about it would have to be my arms. I have broad shoulders (thanks Dad) and so I feel as though they bring attention to my upper arms and I know that this is probably all in my head, but nevertheless I critique my arms probably more than I should.

An ex of mine-who I will give credit to for introducing me to powerlifting-would always point out that I had gained weight because my arms were bigger. I remember one instance where I was digging in to my huevos migas at our favourite brunch spot and he brought it up. I was dumbfounded. Jerk! I know he probably meant it in the best way possible as he was/is horribly blunt but it still warranted the “jerk” comment.

I recently started a new arm routine and so far I am loving it. It is great because I do it after I come in from my run. I am aiming to have arms like Cameron Diaz! If you have not seen her arms lately then Google it! I know that she has a personal trainer and crazy genetics, however they are my inspiration!


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