The Montreal Bagel

As someone with Celiac disease bagels have been written off. A round piece of dough of a bygone era. You might be thinking “but there are gluten-free bagels…” and I will be quick to retort “those frozen pieces of hard bread that one could use as a hockey puck?? No thanks!”

I have never really been one for bagels, especially not the big doughy New York style ones, but my heart has always had a place for Montreal style bagels. Sweet, chewy, round pieces of deliciousness! I have fond memories of eating them slathered in Nutella at my Aunt’s house in Old Montreal.

When I was in San Francisco I came across a gluten-free bagel. While it was a NY style bagel, I did not hold that against it or discriminate, after all beggars cannot choosers. I had to have it. I finished it within three city blocks.

Mariposa Bakery’s sesame bagel at the San Francisco Ferry Terminal

See! One happy lady with a bagel that looks like the size of my head-delicious!

So today, I decided to create a bagel. A Montreal style gluten-free bagel. It took awhile, about 90 minutes; the dough needs to be massaged, then it needs some alone time, then it goes for a dip in a boiling pot of water, then for a roll in sesame seeds and finally in to the oven. Whew!

But when they are finished they are really little beauties!

Gluten-Free Montreal Style Bagels

Golden and slightly crispy on the outside and chewy and sweet inside. I won’t be adding these in to my weekly rotation as they are more of a treat than anything else but I am tickled pink that they turned out!


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