The Ice Cream Equation

Those who know me know that I like ice cream. Scratch that. I adore ice cream, gelato, sorbet, frozen yogurt. Something about the cold, sweet, and deliciously naughty dessert speaks to me. Last summer, I went through a phase where I would go to my favourite ice cream place (Ed’s Real Scoop) in Toronto after every workout. I go to the gym five days a week. That is five ice creams a week. I blame my gym and Ed for operating in such close proximity to one another…and not my lack of self-control. The equation that I worked out in my head was as follows; I power lift, lifting weights keeps you burning calories longer after any other type of workout, therefore whatever I consumed the hour after the gym did not matter. Sounds great, right? Shove your face full of whatever you just worked off? While I did not see any weight gain, the amount of sugar I was putting in to my body was terrible. I needed to lay off the Chocolate Chilli Gelato. I now limit these ice cream trips to once every two weeks.

Recently I started making my own homemade “soft serve” for when the cravings hit when I am at home. I now keep a Ziploc bag of peeled, chopped, frozen bananas in my freezer for such occasions. The dessert is relatively healthy, makes a hefty portion, and is insanely versatile. The banana becomes a soft ice cream consistency when blended with a little water or dairy (I use coconut milk) and the mix-in combinations are endless. Some of my favourite are: dark chocolate pieces and walnuts (tastes like Ben &Jerry’s Chunky Monkey), almond butter and chopped cherries, peanut butter and strawberries, or dried coconut and chopped pineapple.

I serve mine in little mason jars. Gorgeous and delicious!


Banana “Soft Serve”

makes 2 servings


2 large bananas peeled, chopped and frozen

3 T of water, milk, or non-dairy ( I like coconut milk for the recipe)

Various mix-ins: chopped walnuts, almonds, cashews, brazil nuts, chocolate, various fruit, shredded coconut, peanut butter


In a blender or food processor (I use a Vitamix and cannot express to the adoration I have for this piece of kitchen equipment) blend together the banana and water or milk until it is the consistency of soft serve ice cream. You may need to add more liquid or ice cubes until it reaches the consistency that you wish. Scrape in to a medium size mixing bowl and fold in your flavour combinations. Grab a spoon and enjoy!


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