The Importance of Being Properly Caffeinated

I am a morning person through and through. Perhaps it is due to the five years of waking up to trek to work at Starbucks for four in the morning or maybe I have always been that way. I usually get up, run, and then take the pup to get coffee and after being properly caffeinated life is great. But some mornings things do not go as planned…

This morning I woke up, ran and decided to actually properly dry my hair. The boy who spent the night with my roommate was kind enough to not only get the two of them coffee but one for me as well (bonus points right there kids). I had one sip. Then the poor Americano was taken out by the cord to my hairdryer. Coffee spilled everywhere. I nearly cried. To top it off it was raining so my hair that I spent forty-five minutes drying fell flat upon exiting my house.

It was that type of Monday.

Thanks to sashimi with Matt for lunch the day did turn around. I am also extremely happy to announce that I will be travelling to San Francisco in two weeks. I am over the moon! For those of you who have read my previous post about my need to go there will understand my excitement! I don’t even have to kidnap Matt. We spent the afternoon planning where we want to go; The Redwoods, a Wine Tour, and lots of food are an absolute must. After many hours of searching for flights and places to stay we decided to grill some salmon and veggies. The grilled zucchini was especially delicious with a porcini and balsamic vinegar reduction, however, the pièce de résistance was dessert pineapple, chocolate almond s’mores on gluten-free gingersnap cookies.

The only downfall was the fact that I ran out of propane for the grill by the time we were ready to make them so we had to use the broiler inside. They still turned out damn delicious. I used La Esmeralda Dried Pineapple rings in the s’mores as they have a fantastic flavour and because they dried they did not make the cookies soggy. For the chocolate, I melted some dark chocolate chips with raw almond butter and spread it thinly (who am I kidding, I gobbed the stuff on) each cookie. I have yet to find really good gluten-free graham crackers so I chose Lucy’s Gingersnap cookies instead. I adore the combination of ginger and pineapple and Matt and Meredith jumped on the bandwagon after inhaling the s’mores. The three of us cozied up on the couch and watched the crazy torrential downpour from the porch as we ate the s’mores…the coffee incident aside, it turned out to be a good Monday.


Pineapple, Chocolate Almond, Gingersnap S’mores

makes six

12 Lucy’s Gingersnap Cookies

6 marshmallows

1 package dried pineapple rings (I used La Esmeralda)

3 Tablespoons 70% dark chocolate chips

3 Tablespoons raw almond butter


  1. In a small saucepan, over medium heat, melt the chocolate chips with the almond butter
  2. Spread each cookie with the chocolate almond mixture and place a marshmallow on six of the cookies and a pineapple ring on the other six cookies
  3. Broil (or grill) the marshmallow topped cookies until golden
  4. Sandwich each one with a pineapple topped cookie
  5. Eat, enjoy, crave more

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